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He founded a Society on Non-resistance and a journal, 'NON- RESISTANT'.
The Kingdom of God is Within You, which dealt with non-resistance and the moral obligation not to bear arms, became a key text for conscientious objectors in Austria-Hungary (such as Albert Skarvan, a young Slovak doctor, and the Czech philosopher Frantisek Sedlak) and in the Netherlands (including the 'free socialist' Johannes Van der Veer).
Pius X (1903-1914): "Error is approved by non-resistance, and truth is suffocated by not defending her.
In ancient Judea, where the Jews had no hope of driving out their Roman oppressors, our Lord wisely told them to practise non-resistance.
He debates whether this action was consistent with the historic non-resistance of the Hutterites and whether or not it signals a fundamental shift in Hutterite norms.
In the statement growing out of the Historic Peace Church consultation at Bienenberg, we point out how our churches have evolved from traditions of non-resistance and non-participation in war towards active nonviolent peace-making which involves not only non-resistance and conscientious objection to war, but also active participation in the relief of suffering, building the institutions of peace and working to remove the causes of war.
Ordnung means order, rules, discipline (including disfellowshiping violators), and non-resistance, whereas Gelassenheit is a term of medieval mystics but often used in Anabaptist literature with the meaning of "letting-go" of one's own in order to yield completely to God's will.
Often they equate us with other martial arts involving the kind of violent moves and techniques you see on television, but Aikido is based around the guiding principles of non-resistance and re-directing the power and energy of an opponent's attack.
There is agreement that nonviolence is not passive submission or silent non-resistance, but rather a kind of persistent, disciplined, assertive and often courageous good will.
Some assured results of scholarship are challenged, so that Luther becomes a consistent advocate of non-resistance towards the emperor even after 1531 (p.
The Confession consists of 18 "articles" beginning with statements of faith, then with rites starting with the most important that of baptism, the organization of congregations and internal discipline, relations with the "world" and non-resistance.
He appears to contest the view that ideas of divine right, passive obedience, and non-resistance were easily to be found in the second half of the eighteenth century.

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