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Mergers between Roman Catholic and non-sectarian hospitals continue at a rapid pace across the nation.
Freiband explained how activists in New York blocked a proposed merger between three hospitals -- two non-sectarian and one Roman Catholic.
For his part, al-Jubeir said that it is better for Iraq to use elements of the non-sectarian elements to confront Daesh terrorism," adding that "if the militia of the popular crowd entered Battle of Mosul, there will be a disaster.
Because the parent receives and directs the funds to the private school, sectarian or non-sectarian, we are satisfied that the State is not actively involved in the adoption of sectarian principles or directing monetary support to a sectarian institution through this scholarship," the court found.
Jumblatt, who commended Berri's and Abbas's coordinating efforts, stressed the non-sectarian character of the bargain describing it as being "patriotic" par excellence.
Alawi was talking to a Lebanese TV, who described the recent changes in Iraq as "a light of hope" which should be utilized to be changed into a national and non-sectarian program.
Al-Malki must follow non-sectarian policies and serve the interests of all Iraqis," Jennifer added.
Pakistan Islamic Mission that established in 2010 is a non-sectarian and non-political organization that focuses purely on spiritual aspect of Islam and trying to bring spiritual and social reforms within the society with more focus on youth.
Navidea Biopharmaceuticals (NYSE MKT: NAVB), a biopharmaceutical company, has collaborated with Maimonides Medical Centre, a non-profit, non-sectarian hospital located in Borough Park, in New York City.
The dead at Belfast council were done with the approval of the Alliance Party -- non-sectarian and trying to bridge both divides.
Her call came after a death threat was issued against non-sectarian Alliance Party MP for East Belfast Naomi Long, who was warned by police to stay away from her home and constituency office, where loyalists staged demonstrations in protest against a decision by the city council to limit the flying of the Union flag.

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