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JVS (formerly Jewish Vocational Service) is an award-winning nonprofit organization that provides state-of-the-art programs and services throughout metropolitan Detroit on a non-sectarian basis.
He said: "I can confirm by direct observation that Nigel Elwes has occupied our seat in a particular non-sectarian way, as the TBA would surely wish.
In major violation of the spirit of abolishing political sectarianism stated in the preamble and Article 95, Article 22 was amended to allow for initiating a sectarian-based senate immediately following the first parliament elected on a non-sectarian basis - a senate which shall encompass "representation of all spiritual families and whose authority shall be confined to dealing with crucial national issues.
She demanded among other things a new non-sectarian parliament capable of avoiding misgivings of the actual one including of course parliamentarians' affiliations to outside agendas.
He walked out on the current Nouri Al Maliki cabinet, and has repeatedly said that instead of its current leadership, Iraq needs "strong, committed, non-partisan, non-sectarian leaders".
BelFam director Professor Liam Kennedy said it will show Belfast in all its shipbuilding non-sectarian glory.
A GAA spokesman slammed the claims saying: "The GAA is a completely non-sectarian and non-political organisation.
Sunrise Day Camp will be offered free of charge to all children, ages 5-16, being treated for cancer on a non-sectarian basis.
In their letter, they refer to the ban on all but non-sectarian prayers as a "euphemism declaring that prayers will be acceptable so long as they censor Christian beliefs" (Nat.
Hutchins (1899-1977) called upon the board to take up again the question of the university's complete freedom from denominational control, and with the support of the trustees, he promptly declared the university to have a non-sectarian basis.
The guiding principles adopted state that the new Iraq must be democratic, non-sectarian and based on the rule of law.
the largest non-sectarian operator of private schools in the nation, as well as an operator of charter schools and special education schools, will release revenues and earnings for the second quarter and six months ending December 31, 2001 on Thursday, February 14, 2002 before the market opens at 8:30 a.

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