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NONSENSE, construction. That which in a written agreement or will is unintelligible.
     2. It is a rule of law that an instrument shall be so construed that the whole, if possible, shall stand. When a matter is written grammatically right, but it is unintelligible, and the whole makes nonsense, some words cannot be rejected to make sense of the rest; 1 Salk. 324; but when matter is nonsense by being contrary and repugnant to, some precedent sensible latter, such repugnant matter is rejected. Ib.; 15 Vin. Ab. 560; 14 Vin. Ab. 142. The maxim of the civil law on this subject agrees with this rule: Quae in testamento ita sunt scripta, ut intelligi non possent: perinde sunt, ac si scripta non essent. Dig. 50,17,73,3. Vide articles Ambiguity; Construction; Interpretation.
     3. In pleading, when matter is nonsense by being contradictory and repugnant to something precedent, the precedent matter, which is sense, shall not be defeated by the repugnancy which follows, but that which is contradictory shall be rejected; as in ejectment where the declaration is of a demise on the second day of January, and that the defendant postea scilicet, on the first of January, ejected him; here the scilicet may be rejected as being expressly contrary to the postea and the precedent matter. 5 East, 255; 1 Salk. 324.

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Evasion, indirection, compression, and even non-sense in poetry may have their place, but when Schoenberg "liberated the dissonance," even he knew the importance of some necessary counterbalance--disharmony only exists in relationship to harmony.
Even in the most prosaic, plainly spoken poems, linebreaks ensure that sense is regularly interrupted by the white wordless space beyond the right-hand margin: Linebreaks are non-sense made visible, blank space where language, in prose, would normally be.
Speaking for Darik radio Monday, the former Director of the National Social Security Institute (NOI), Yordan Hristoskov, labeled the move "the next hasty non-sense.
We look forward to developing a pipeline of small-molecule therapeutics that target genetic mutations caused by non-sense mutations with high unmet medical needs.
The ideas of declaring the local elections null and void are non-sense, says Professor Gordana Siljanovska, a local government expert.
Moreover, a non-sense mutation in the fucosyltransferase gene 2 (FUT2), which gives rise to the nonsecretor phenotype, has been found to provide almost complete protection from experimental and natural NoV infection (2,3).
As the owner of a small medical device company in Syracuse, I can say that is non-sense," he wrote, adding that it "would surely not lead us to lay off employees or shift to overseas production.
I know what you are thinking: Oh, no--they had to fall back into each other's arms (trust exercise) or some such non-sense.
Far from being a "necessary evil," it would be non-sense for the United States to respond to distorting and economy-weakening policies abroad by imposing the same policies on our own economy.
I wish he had mercy on people and spared them this ugly non-sense and disobedience.
The sense or non-sense of place or location in Khair-Eddine's fiction, as well as in many of the works by Maghrebi Francophone writers, draws attention to the double-bind character of the relationship that exists between these narratives and the overlapping space of the country of residence (usually France) as the matrix of inception and production, one the one hand, and their native cultural spaces (the Maghreb), on the other.
The filth of the city continues to be dumped in rivers as if they belong to nobody and have endless capacity to absorb nuisance if not non-sense.