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Non-Standard Finance's chairman John van Kuffeler added: "I am delighted to announce a significant first step in the implementation of our strategy.
To learn more about the non-standard clause detection technology and its impact on contract management, visit the Seal Software Blog.
The Aviation Systems Management Branch is responsible for life cycle planning, directing, and controlling all phases of research, development, procurement, production, logistic, technical, and engineering support for the fielding and sustainment of non-standard commercial and legacy fixed and rotary wing aircraft systems no longer in the Army inventory.
The failure of the American school system to look at African Americans students as non-standard English speakers has been well chronicled, documented, and researched (Labov, 1972; Rickford, 1997; and Smitherman, 1977).
In China, the non-standard special material equipment industry is an emerging industry derived from the fast development of new material industry and advanced equipment manufacturing, particularly encouraged by the government.
With a difficult economic situation because of the sanctions that have been imposed on the nation, the government said that it would seek out non-standard measures in order to ensure growth in the economy.
China is the largest producer of non-standard pressure vessel around the globe, ranking first worldwide whether in terms of the number of industrial players, the output of products or the output value.
Most (54%) of non-standard workers remain in such jobs for the next two years.
Between 1989 through 1990, AFSAC recognized the need to provide sustained support to FMS customers for non-standard and hard to support standard items.
Short-term assignments typically last up to 12 months and are the most common non-standard assignment.
Hydraulic non-standard equipments are designed and produced according to the special needs of the users; the equipments are a kind of transmission system equipments which use fluid as the working medium to pass energy and control the work.
Second, ones with non-standard special material equipments as leading products.

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