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The success rate is based upon the lack of non-sufficient fund (NSF) notifications received by the financial institutions holding the checking accounts.
The check was dishonored for non-sufficient funds and, upon demand by Endo Steel, JWJ issued a cashier's check 19 days later (May 2, 1994) for the full amount.
Gross Receipts do not include home energy assistance funds ( HEA ) or miscellaneous service charges, including, but not limited to turn-ons, meter sale, non-sufficient funds charges, late fees and interest.
Fees were assessed to residents for a multitude of reasons, including early lease termination, non-sufficient funds (NSFs) and Service of Notice fees.
Deposit fees for overdraft, non-sufficient funds, overdraft protectiontransfers, extended overdrawn balance charges, and non-Bank of America ATM fees.
he $27 billion State Employees' Credit Union said it waived more than $219,000 in non-sufficient funds fees during a late January winter blast that swept over the Tarheel State.
All communities have late rent payers or the occasional returned check for non-sufficient funds (NSF).
If choosing ACH into an existing checking account, be mindful of possible fees to transfer your money and fees associated with the account, especially ATM, non-sufficient funds (NSF) and monthly fees.
In this case, the institution will charge a median non-sufficient funds fee of $28 and the retailer that received the bad check will charge a median price of $30, bringing the total damage to $58.
Members then have until the end of business day to make a branch or online deposit to avoid all potential non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees.

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