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The topics also include: alienation, non-violence, heterodoxy, justice, human rights, convergence and struggles for democracy.
The UN General Assembly, through a resolution in 2007, designated 2 October as the International Day of Non-Violence to coincide with the birthday of Gandhi, who led the country's independence movement and pioneered the philosophy and strategy of non-violence.
There are three important messages to all of us that I picked up: Non-violence is the highest virtue; May the sunlight of compassion and unity spread; and Let us destroy ignorance and fear.
The first section discusses the conceptual background of non-violence and its historical evolution as well as the power of ideologies to orient the struggle.
Today, at a time of escalating conflicts, rising extremism, massive displacement and rapidly growing humanitarian need, Mahatma Gandhi's dedication to non-violence remains an example for us all.
He emphasised how Gandhi not only preached non-violence but devoted his life for the cause of spreading the principle of non-violence and proved that it was an effective weapon.
This year, as we commemorate the 70th anniversary of the United Nations, the International Day of Non-Violence has special importance," he said.
Employing non-violent civil disobedience, Gandhi led India to independence and inspired movements for non-violence, civil rights and freedom across the world.
He said he was the torch bearer of philosophy of late Khudai Khidmatgar Bacha Khan who was proponent of non-violence as "how I can involve in violence as I have been preaching non-violence since my induction in to politics 25 years ago.
The presentation is very eloquent, the gun barrel obstructed to promote non-violence .
Pluralism and Non-violence were the strengths as well as principles of Gandhiji and as a result, the Sangh Parivar always found Gandhi very inconvenient to their agenda.
However, they pointed out that Mahatma Gandhi is revered throughout the world for his wisdom of non-violence, whereas sectarian violence has become the order of the day as divisive politicians are spitting venom for narrow political gains in various parts of the country and very sadly, they belong to the ruling party BJP.