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On this year's International Day of Non-violence, let us recall the achievements of Mahatma Gandhi -- and renew our commitment to non-violence and lives of dignity for all," Bank Ki-moon concluded his message.
Sri Sri appealed to the FARC leadership to follow a path of non-violence and to pursue goals of social justice for the good of the Colombian people and the future stability of the country.
He added that in such a fragile situation marked by the grim irony of divisive politics like 'love jihad' and other hatred campaigns to disturb communal harmony like banishing Muslims from joining the Hindu festivals and instigating sectarian violence, "it would have been better for the Government of India to adopt the United Nations' International Day of Non-Violence on Oct.
In his message, he has said that on this auspicious day, let us firmly resolve to follow Lord Buddha's enduring message of peaceful co-existence, non-violence and compassion, so that we can build a more harmonious and caring society.
She added: "By having this statue in Cardiff we hope to mark October 2 as International Day of Non-Violence and as an annual event when there will be a celebration opposite the statue where the general public, ministers, Assembly Members, MPs, councillors, and the inter-faith bodies of Cardiff can attend and hear from eminent speakers about the messages of peace and non-violence.
This international day is an occasion to disseminate the message of non-violence through education and public awareness.
On this International Day of Non-Violence, I call on global citizens everywhere to be inspired by the courage of people like Mahatma Gandhi.
This is a day to re-dedicate ourselves to ideals of the Mahatma who forged the instrument of Satyagraha based on truth, non-violence and power of self-suffering and helped India shed the yoke of colonialism.
We train young people, we train teachers, we train sport coaches in non-violence, bullying, multi-cultural differences.
the event will be held on September 22, 2013 and give the audience an opportunity to learn more about the Non-Violence Project's history and various programmes.
today announced their support of The Non-Violence Project Foundation to help foster a climate of safe learning in schools by educating teachers on how to help build self-esteem in students and inspire, motivate and engage youth in solving conflicts peacefully.
He advocated and practised the principle of non-violence in India which was instrumental in paving the way for its freedom.