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Research has shown that alternative sentences, particularly Pennsylvania's County Intermediate Punishment/Drug and Alcohol Restrictive Intermediate Punishment, can have a positive effect on non-violent offenders clinically diagnosed to have drug and alcohol dependency," Shapiro said.
Earlier this week, the president reduced the sentences of 46 non-violent drug offenders, 14 of whom were serving life.
Their leaders were arrested and even then they remained non-violent and they stood firm in that agitation against the British Rule.
It is evident that Israel is bent on responding to Palestinian non-violent resistance with acts of violence, terror and crimes against humanity.
We are proud to be supporting their work, we are inspired by the stories of non-violent problem solving and we believe those stories are worth sharing with all of Nigeria," he said.
But once people have participated in a non-violent revolution they are permanently politicised, and in the long run they are quite likely to remember what they came for.
Its educational programmes "give youth the tools needed to develop trust, compassion and sound judgement -- helping them to focus their energy into creating fantastic non-violent solutions", it added.
Let's have a look at why this is not necessarily the case, and why, in fact, the response of the Israeli military can sometimes be the essential instrument of success when waging a non-violent struggle for Palestine.
It is also a tribute to "a country which demonstrate the strength of carrying out a non-violent Revolution," Mr.
It was hypothesized that the students who viewed the violent media clips (Experimental Group) will have a higher level of anxiety and would score lower on the mathematical ability than those who viewed the non-violent media clips (Control; Group).
BOSTON - The House has eliminated long-sought sentencing reforms for non-violent drug offenders from a version of a criminal record sealing bill set for a vote tomorrow.
Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad on Wednesday, spoke out against the Israeli occupation and stressed the importance of peaceful means of resistance at the "Fifth Annual Bil'in Conference on Non-Violent Popular Resistance", reported the influential Beirut daily AN NAHAR, Thursday.