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But then a young Maori girl Aroha (Love) stands up and tells the story of Parihaka (another story of government official abuse and Maori non-violent protest in NZ in the 1880's).
The event is meant to be a non-violent protest that will include parliament members, citizens and religious figures from all over the world - including Jews, Israelis will also protest with us," Saied Yaqin, one of the march organizers, told NBC News.
Ian Brooke, chairman of Kirklees Save Our Services, also called for a non-violent protest last night.
Civil society organisations and human rights activists, whose courage and non-violent protest brought about the change of regime in Egypt, must be guaranteed space for open debate, even if it means that the interim authorities are harshly criticised in public fora," said Mr.
Since then, more than 700 Ecumenical Accompanists (EAs) from 15 countries have supported both Israeli and Palestinian peace activists in their non-violent protest.
Richard Attenborough's Oscarwinning biopic of Mahatma Gandhi, who rose from unlikely beginnings as a small-time lawyer to become the inspirational leader of India's struggle for independence and a worldwide ambassador for peace thanks to his philosophy of non-violent protest.
The widow of the late King Hussain of Jordan was in Dubai to join Julia Bacha, director of Sunday's Cultural Bridge gala film Budrus, Hollywood producer Mike Medavoy and MIT Professor Rebecca Saxe, to head the annual panel, which followed a screening of Budrus, a documentary examining non-violent protest in Palestine.
By Bruce Wolman What if Palestinians turned to non-violent protest and none of the media showed up to cover their actions?
He said the centre also planned to screen films on human rights and non-violent protest.
There were no chairs, no cushions, no blankets, no heater - no sign of comfort for a woman accused of leading a non-violent protest in August.
He was severely injured Friday when Israeli soldiers fired a tear gun canister directly at his head during a weekly non-violent protest against the separation barrier in the village of Naalin, west of Ramallah.
1929: George Eastman demonstrated the brst colour movie, in Rochester, New York 1975: American actress Angelina Jolie, whose films include Lara Croft: Tomb Raider1989: More than 100 people were killed when Chinese soldiers opened bre on a non-violent protest at Tiananmen Square in Beijing