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There's nothing wrong or unconstitutional about officers finding solace in the words of the motto, and it should comfort nonbelievers to encounter law enforcement officers that subscribe to a belief system, Springer said.
The Openly Secular coalition, which includes 30 groups and was formed this year, is trying to win greater acceptance for nonbelievers by encouraging them to go public.
Fortunately, good character is common among both believers and nonbelievers and comes from many sources far removed from religion.
The Sunday Assembly- a brainchild of stand-up comedians Pippa Evans and Sanderson Jones- is a congregation for atheists and nonbelievers started in January.
Other evenings, the ghosts are definitely showing off, often converting nonbelievers by evidence that some spirits leave in a thoroughly modern way--on camera.
The numerically superior legion of the nonbelievers arrived, and when the Prophet (PBUH) saw the huge army, he raised his hands in supplication to Allah and beseeched His support and salvation.
Even nonbelievers perceive something extraordinary and transcendental about the Christmas season.
1) Sobering was the degree to which certain "compassionate" female therapists invested themselves in the more unhelpful, mind-bending aspects of "therapy" while vehemently condemning the nonbelievers (often male psychiatrists) as unempathic and uncaring.
There is ample evidence in the parapsychological literature that believers in ESP score on average more positively than nonbelievers in ESP tests (Lawrence, 1993; Palmer, 1971; Schmeidler & McConnell, 1958/1973).
The ads, set for 30 London bendy buses in January then other cities, are a response to earlier bus ads for a Christian website which warned nonbelievers of "torment in hell".
It's a spirit shared by believers and nonbelievers alike.
Obama and other elected officials of similar persuasion must speak from their public platform the faith-formed truth to a Skeptical country without judgment to nonbelievers.