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Between recurrent and nonrecurrent cases, there was a difference in balloon size, but no difference in the size of the portal vein measured in liver transplantation surgery.
The surgical importance of the nonrecurrent inferior laryngeal nerve began to be considered from the publication by Pemberton & Beaver (1932), after its finding in a cervical surgery.
The following is a case of malignant transformation of LP in an adult patient with no history of recurrence, a rare case that shows that even nonrecurrent lesions have a potential for malignancy.
GEO ID Normal : case Contributor Year 0:10 GSE4237 8 resected human pituitary tumor (1 Hussaini IM 2006 recurrent + 1 nonrecurrent + 1 invasive + 1 noninvasive + 4 undefined) +2 HP75 tumor cell line 0:13 GSE22812 Prolactin pituitary tumors (5 Wierinckx A 2011 noninvasive + 2 invasive + 6 aggressive-invasive) 0:16 GSE46311 16 somatotroph adenoma (also known as Lekva T 2013 growth hormone-producing somatotroph pituitary adenomas) 3:4 GSE36314 4 human prolactinoma Oyesiku NM 2012 3 human normal pituitary 3:7 GSE51618 3 pituitary glands Feng J 2013 7 NFPAs (nonfunctioning pituitary adenomas) (4 noninvasive NFPAs + 3 invasive NFPAs)
In order to illustrate the advantages of the proposed ConvLSTM-FC network, we compare it with the nonrecurrent deep convolution neural network (namely, baseline CNN).
Most importantly, the data-segmentation approach cannot guarantee the reliability of prediction, when the temporal variation of traffic volume is nonrecurrent (see Figure 2(b)).
The proceeds from this transaction are nonrecurrent.
"We commissioned additional recurrent and nonrecurrent activity for 2016/17 which was planned to increase access for patients, but this was regrettably offset in part by the resignation of a significant value contract in Dolgellau.
has dosed the first patient in its Phase 2 clinical trial of AVB-620 in women with primary, nonrecurrent breast cancer who are undergoing surgery, the company said.
Oncology company Avelas Biosciences Inc reported on Thursday the start of treatment of its first patient under its Phase 2 clinical trial of AVB-620 in women with primary, nonrecurrent breast cancer undergoing surgery.
Active traffic management incorporates a collection of strategies enabling the dynamic management of recurrent and nonrecurrent congestion based on prevailing traffic conditions.
The aim of our study was to evaluate total drug resistance in urine sample cultures collected in outpatient clinics from adult women with nonrecurrent, uncomplicated UTI.