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That quarter, the conglomerate booked nonrecurring losses of P1.
In March 2012, the rules of nonrecurring compensation payment to the Azerbaijan citizens who made deposits to the USSR Saving Bank at the territory of Azerbaijan Republic and their heirs were approved by the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev.
Ion chromatography sales declined slightly but, excluding the nonrecurring sales in Japan recorded last year, grew in low double digits.
Exhibit 2 indicates that the variation in the treatment of nonrecurring items has the largest impact on the computation of ROE.
Two, when judging the criticality of reporting issues, financial literates attend to issues that are prominent (in terms of business press coverage) and nonrecurring more than do financial experts.
In performing this analysis, there are many pro forma adjustments that a valuation analyst will make to eliminate both nonrecurring revenue items, as well as unnecessary expense items.
We are maintaining our full year expectations of total revenue growth in the low single digits and earnings per share, excluding nonrecurring charges of approximately $1.
During the third quarter, Shaw recorded a nonrecurring charge of $35.
However, the Tax Court said, the nonrecurring nature of the item did not affect the section 404 limits, as the IRS had argued.
The key to planning estimated tax payments is to identify nonrecurring transactions and to project the likelihood and timing of their occurrence.
Hanna will incur a fourth quarter, nonrecurring charge of approximately $30 million, or $1.
buffeted by a series of nonrecurring charges and disruptions in its business last summer and fall, suffered a decline in operating profits as its net loss widened during its fiscal 1989, ended June 3.