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The failure of one individual to provide financial maintenance for another individual in spite of a legal obligation to do so.

Nonsupport of a spouse or child is a crime in some states and a ground for Divorce in certain jurisdictions.


Child Support.

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Table 3 provides a summary of the support or nonsupport found for all three hypotheses for each of the two studies.
Thus, nonsupport does not automatically mean attachment (as in 'fly on wall'), while nonattachment does not necessarily imply support (as in 'man on portrait').
Until the French & Indian War, the American colonies existed under what Parliament called "salutary neglect"--essentially non-interference--and nonsupport.
Thankfully, the AAV has decided to show its leadership by formally taking a position of nonsupport of this bill as currently written, and the AAV has sent this written position to the appropriate members of Congress.
7 column, Editor-in-Chief Sarah Snell Cooke mistakenly equated the support or nonsupport of corporate credit unions to the support or nonsupport of smaller credit unions.
The PEB must reference the PWS for any noted deficiencies, but the task order's generic nature makes it very difficult to find specific paragraphs to cite for all nonsupport situations.
36, on a Lane County warrant for first-degree theft, two counts of possession of methamphetamine and two counts of first-degree failure to appear; and an additional warrant for contempt of court and criminal nonsupport.
The 10 individuals on this list -- all men, though officials noted noncustodial mothers also can be arrested for nonsupport -- owe more than $2 million for 17 children.
These voters also mention policy disagreements with her and concerns about her character as justification for their nonsupport.
A petition of nonsupport was submitted with 60 signatures.