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The failure of one individual to provide financial maintenance for another individual in spite of a legal obligation to do so.

Nonsupport of a spouse or child is a crime in some states and a ground for Divorce in certain jurisdictions.


Child Support.

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The foreign ministers of Afghanistan, China, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and the United Arab Emirates will join the Istanbul talks to decide a declaration of principles expected to include noninterference in Afghanistan's internal affairs and nonsupport of Afghan insurgents.
Upon the awarding of tenure, an "invisible fly swatter" representing the threats of nonsupport virtually disappears as should a large portion of faculty politics.
Her answer probably reflected a grudging acceptance of the deal, one that provoked anger and angst on the Hollywood left, and even the occasional declaration of nonsupport, "I'm through.
There was opposition to the proposed development of a mine in that area in resolutions passed by the Alaska Native Brotherhood and the National Congress of American Indians and the local Yakutat Tlingit Tribe Council also expressed concerns and nonsupport.
Thus, nonsupport does not automatically mean attachment (as in 'fly on wall'), while nonattachment does not necessarily imply support (as in 'man on portrait').
The Nonsupport (NON) scale provides a measure of perceived lack of social support both in term of the availability and quality of respondent social relationship.
Until the French & Indian War, the American colonies existed under what Parliament called "salutary neglect"--essentially non-interference--and nonsupport.
Thankfully, the AAV has decided to show its leadership by formally taking a position of nonsupport of this bill as currently written, and the AAV has sent this written position to the appropriate members of Congress.
7 column, Editor-in-Chief Sarah Snell Cooke mistakenly equated the support or nonsupport of corporate credit unions to the support or nonsupport of smaller credit unions.
It isn't morally right but in the real world that's a sure way to guarantee future nonsupport.
0 initiative can lead to unfavorable outcomes ranging from disinterest in the library blog to outright nonsupport.