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Para la norma colombiana (ver ecuaciones 11 y 12), en caso de no conocer los datos del numero de personas o tiempo de permanencia, el factor ([L.sub.O]) toma el valor segun la tabla 26 de la NTC 4552-2 (Icontec, 2008b) la cual depende del tipo de estructura.
(Conclusion1) (3)La norma 'justificacion' es una norma descriptiva de la practica asertiva.
And now, Norma is back in the UK and preparations are being made for her funeral, leaving Paul overwhelmed by the tremendous show of support.
Funeral services for Norma were held on Saturday, May 11, 2019 in McCracken-Dean Funeral Home with Roger Eller officiating.
I was visiting Norma 1 and we were reminiscing about our youth, when she said that she heard Heart Throb was living in the city I was going to.
Elizabeth, who knits some of the cardigans and hats Norma sells at her stall at the Wishaw hospital, said: "I knew how much Norma would appreciate this gesture.
Earlier in December, Norma's project seen on television when it was featured on BBC Midlands Today.
Linda Norma's Chris stayed calm and began chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, repeating this three times until she began to breathe on her own.
Norma from St Ives, Cornwall, recalled: "When Phil came in I said, 'I couldn't tell you yesterday but I can today.
Sue Irving, chairman of the board of Third Sector Dumfries and Galloway, said: "I am delighted that Norma is joining us at TSD&G.
In fact, what we get from Ms Jones is a tour-de-force performance as the vain, deluded, needy but ultimately tragic Norma, filling the Liverpool Empire with pathos and a voice which nails the first of her big musical numbers, With One Look, with effortless aplomb.
Ou seja, transcender o fato gera a norma que, por si, torna-se verdade justificada, que pode ser entendida sensivelmente a partir de um fenomeno de transgressao.