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In their randomized prospective study including 15 women with single endometrioma in 3 subgroups of stripping alone, stripping with hydrodissection using only normal saline and stripping with hydrodissection using normal saline plus diluted vasopressin, Saeki et al.
It is not clear whether the deoxygenations that have been reported to occur during suctioning with normal saline instillation were clinically significant.
1 Gender, M/F 35/65 ASA physical 85/15 status (I/II) Group L = lignocaine group, Group A = alkalinised lignocaine group, Group S = normal saline group, M = male, F = female, ASA = American Society of Anesthesiologists.
Oral administration of normal saline to group one, ASA to group two and aqueous extracts (400 mg/kg, 600 mg/kg or 800 mg/kg) to groups three to five was immediately carried out after the anal temperature measurement.
One hundred and seventy-two outer gloves were tested, no visible tears were seen during the initial inspection, and no visible tears were seen during the second visual inspection performed after the gloves were filled with normal saline.
The trial was stopped because patients who received the concentrated saline solutions were no more likely to survive than those who received a normal saline solution.
1 ml of normal saline subcutaneously into the same region.
It is generally thought that this continual infusion of normal saline serves to dilute the blood in the extracorporeal circuit to hinder clot formation during the hemodialysis treatment.
We describe a patient with toxic effects from a high dose of lithium who was successfully treated with normal saline diuresis.