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The Trumpian sentiment "I think in terms of 'Let's go on and let's make it right'" hearkens back to the self-help guidance of Norman Vincent Peale, author of The Power of Positive Thinking and pastor of Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan, where the young Trump was a congregant.
His job was to call real estate firms, stock brokerages and auto dealers - anybody with 10 or more salespeople--and give them a "free" 30-minute sales seminar with the aim of selling them tickets for $38 for motivational speakers like Zig Ziglar, Norman Vincent Peale, Cavett Robert and others.
Dr Norman Vincent Peale, America's highest profile Protestant clergyman, had claimed that "a Roman Catholic President could not free himself from the influence of the Church hierarchy in Rome".
Or it can inspire a self-improvement movement that has political import but is not fundamentally political: America's various Great Awakenings, for example, or the self-help gospels of Norman Vincent Peale.
Benjamin Spock, who promoted more tolerant and flexible child-rearing practices; Marty Mann, who destigmatized alcoholism by popularizing the practice of treating it as a disease; and popular religious figures like Rabbi Joshua Loth Liebman and Norman Vincent Peale, who introduced modern psychology to faith and recast it as a therapeutic, guilt-free journey of self-discovery.
It's the outgrowth of a mimeographed newsletter produced by the wife of Norman Vincent Peale, a great preacher in the second half of the 20th Century.
The Power of Positive Thinking, Dr Norman Vincent Peale
where Norman Vincent Peale would be the nominal convener and spokesperson.
As Norman Vincent Peale stated, "Getting people to like you is merely the other side of liking them.
Anderson has received many honors throughout his career, including the 1994 Horatio Alger Award for which he was nominated by the late Norman Vincent Peale.
In modern times, "positive thinking" gained credence as a personal success tool after publication of "The Power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale in 1952.
In 1952, Norman Vincent Peale wrote The Power of Positive Thinking.