not compliant

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The automaker has also said it used testing methods that were not compliant with Japanese standards going back to at least 2002.
EU Agriculture Commissioner, Phil Hogan, said that the Greek Land Parcel <B Identification System is not compliant with EU rules
The Majlis approved legislation Monday allowing the Basij to help with the enforcement of the dress code by telling women when their garb is not compliant with the law.
Greenstock is able to supply a copy of the independent Certificate of Conformity and Drop Test results, which other shatterproof lamp companies are often unable to do, as some of their lamps are not compliant with the IEC standard.
Law-enforcement officers from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) have found seven commercial outlets selling balloon tyres that are not compliant with approved standards and specifications and seized 63 such tyres.
However, the Portuguese securities regulator said earlier today it had instructed the US company to withdraw its bid as it was not compliant with the legal frame of the takeover.
She was not compliant in managing her diabetes, causing many of the current problems.
Specifically, following the inspection, the agency concluded that the firm was not compliant with recent updates on MDR reporting regulations.
The information received showed that 130 municipal landfills were not compliant with the Directive, and were still in operation.
The central bank said two of the companies, Penta Stream and Gold Prime had been operating business activities and applying marketing strategies that were not compliant with Section 55A (1) of the Banking Institutions Act,1998 (Act No 2 of 1998) as amended.
Today, there are 1,100 companies which are not compliant with the requirement of clause 35 of shareholding pattern, which means the direction with regard to shareholding pattern has not complied with.