insufficient funds

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OUR school does not have enough space for a library and there are not sufficient funds available to build us an extension
In many countries, banks are able to charge penalties when there are not sufficient funds to cover debit orders.
He said that government has not sufficient funds for any major increase in the salaries of federal government employees however if Federal Cabinet wishes it can increase salaries of the government employees more than that.
Sources said that CDA has not sufficient funds to pay for the construction of Zero Point Interchange so the delay in payment will affect the progress of work and it will not be possible for CDA to inaugurate the Zero Point Interchange on Independence Day - August 14.
Ginny Leritz knew her credit union was on to something when it got notice of a not sufficient funds check before it was even removed from the ATM in which it had been deposited.
I've been approached by a number of greyhound enthusiasts who have got some funds, but not sufficient funds to buy the site.
She is being refused at the moment because there are just not sufficient funds for the service.