not worth considering

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He confined the knowledge of governing within very narrow bounds, to common sense and reason, to justice and lenity, to the speedy determination of civil and criminal causes; with some other obvious topics, which are not worth considering.
At times he seemed to be making violent efforts to think of nothing, and one would have said that he looked on his marriage as an unimportant formality, and on his future happiness as a thing not worth considering.
He rejects the notion of a rift between himself and O'Neill as not worth considering.
Dealers seem to think that runflat tyres are the best thing since sliced bread and that it's not worth considering the Space Saver spare wheel option, which would take up room in the boot.
He has a colleague who notes how "the quantitative types" in the company will say that if something is not specifically quantifiable by a formula, as it is in so many areas of financial-risk management, then it's probably not worth considering.
It is usually not worth considering reglazing existing window frames with sealed units, and with many old frames such a replacement is not possible in any case.
The fiction chapter on Toni Morrison, Sam Greenlee, and Nikki Giovanni is so slight and trumped up (she seems to have great trouble simply finding black nationalist fiction to write about) that it is not worth considering in this limited space.
Wilson - who is interesting two Glasgow-based managers - said: "The money Maloney offered was not worth considering.