not yet due

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With LME warehouse stocks now holding in excess of 500,000t (the highest level seen in eight months) and with limited fundamental support for price levels, it seems likely that at least the rally should relent, even if a minor price correction is not yet due.
(1) If an individual purchased the bond between interest dates and paid the seller interest accrued but not yet due at the date of purchase, he does not deduct the amount or include it in his basis; instead, he recovers that amount tax free out of the first interest payment he receives and includes in income only the balance.
'The primary objective behind the new financing deal is the completion of the company's projects under construction, and the rescheduling of its local and foreign financial obligations, whether due or not yet due', Al Obaid added.
(4.) A PFA that makes determinations for the current taxable year (and any prior taxable year for which a return is not yet due) is a closing agreement under section 7121 of the Internal Revenue Code.
The grid shows all financial reporting requirements and due dates, as well as the status of your chapter as either Complete, Submitted-Pending Approval, Overdue, or (blank) for those items not yet due. Hyperlinks to the financial reporting forms allow you to complete and submit them online.
Students and graduates owed nearly pounds 18.7bn in loans built up over recent years, including those which were not yet due for repayment.
2001-22, eligible tax years had been limited to the current tax year or any prior tax year for which a return was not yet due and not yet filed.
Prospective buyers will have to wait a bit longer to secure one of the upmarket penthouses, however, not yet due for release but tipped to break local price records.
The Commission stresses that it is not a formal proposal, and is therefore not yet due to pass before the European Securities Committee (ESC) for a vote.
For example, a 1999 court ruling in Indonesia, later reversed on appeal, rejected the bankruptcy petition of the World Bank affiliate, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), on the grounds that the Indonesian debtor, Dharmala Agri-food, was not in default on the principal whose stated maturity date was not yet due. The court reached this result even though the debtor was, in fact, in default on interest payments and the loan had been accelerated.
If you like the rate but your existing policy is not yet due for renewal, all you have to do is save your quote before exiting the site for your offer to remain valid.
Connex will retain its neighbouring south-east franchise, which is not yet due for renewal.