not yet due

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It was careless of me to be so short; but the bill was not yet due, and the printer's request, as a favor, to make an immediate advance, was quite unexpected.
It refers to the second obligation, which is not yet due.
Prospective buyers will have to wait a bit longer to secure one of the upmarket penthouses, however, not yet due for release but tipped to break local price records.
For example, a 1999 court ruling in Indonesia, later reversed on appeal, rejected the bankruptcy petition of the World Bank affiliate, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), on the grounds that the Indonesian debtor, Dharmala Agri-food, was not in default on the principal whose stated maturity date was not yet due.
If you like the rate but your existing policy is not yet due for renewal, all you have to do is save your quote before exiting the site for your offer to remain valid.
There will be an arrest, but not yet due to (Glover's) medical condition,'' Shapiro said.
Connex will retain its neighbouring south-east franchise, which is not yet due for renewal.
But the deficit figure--bandied about by columnists and congressmen trying to prove a point--is ultimately misleading, because it ignores the liabilities accrued, but not yet due.
The Company filed its answer asserting that not only is the indebtedness not yet due but that the Company is entitled to a court ordered damage award of at least $650,000,000 USD caused by London Mining's actions and breaches of fiduciary duty related to its joint venture with London Mining in China Global Mining Resources (CGMR).
Though final reports are not yet due to the EPA, Airgas appears to have successfully completed both disposal projects at a total cost of about $140,000.