not for publication

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I haven't been working the life out of my body, and I haven't been writing, at least not for publication. All I've done has been to love you and to think.
"You know the Bruce collection?-- not for publication, of course."
This manoeuvre, executed, not for publication, but as a guarantee of good faith, to soothe men, demands nerve.
He also supplied a printed copy of his talk, with the heading not for publication or DISTRIBUTION.
But Kate probably would have written this book for her children anyway - though not for publication.
3 in the world rankings, demoted by Martin Kaymer''s awesome eightshot victory in Abu Dhabi, but you can bet it was short, pithy and not for publication in a family newspaper.
* Address (not for publication) ............................................................
"Maybe they (Bishoy's address) thought this is for priests only and the remarks were not for publication. I am sorry if our Muslim brother's feelings were hurt," he added.
At the beginning of the letter, in capital letters, the missive from Singer states, "CONFIDENTIAL LEGAL NOTICE NOT FOR PUBLICATION OR OTHER USE." At the end, it warns: "Any publication, dissemination or broadcast of any portion of this letter will constitute a breach of such confidence and a violation of the Copyright Act, and you are not authorized to publish this letter in whole or part absent our express written authorization."
With regard to Prof Pollack's second point, Peter Elson would not have included the "banana republic" remark if he had appreciated it was not for publication, but we are sorry if there was a misunderstanding.
In the past, we've asked pet food companies to disclose to us, not for publication, where their products were manufactured--mostly as a lever to pry more information out of them about their ingredient sourcing and quality assurance programs.
Speaking about the memoirs in public for the first time, Downing Street's communications director said they were not for publication and were merely observations.