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Ambassador to the Bahamas Richard Blankenship told the country's government in 2003 that if the Bahamas did not sign an agreement, a considerable amount of American aid would be withheld, including assistance for building an airport runway, important to a country heavily dependent on tourism.
The "conservative" Lutherans who did not sign are at one with Catholics in rejecting abortion and the current permissive immorality, while the "liberal" Evangelicals, who did sign, embrace it as part of an acceptable culture.
Inasmuch as Jack Shaban, a co-owner of the property, did not sign the contract (binder) to sell the property, the contract was void.
But even if he pocket-vetoes it (does not sign it within 10 days after it reached his desk), the bill will probably be reintroduced, says Newsome.
On claims some statutory forms were not signed by all agents, he said his agents equally did not sign the forms hence his opponent's take does not hold.
Aidy Ward, the representative, suggested his client would not sign a new contract - even for PS900,000 a week - and called Reds legend Jamie Carragher a "k**b".
Having denied H the right to sign his return before W filed a separate return at the Service's suggestion, the IRS may not now argue that H "lost" his joint filing status because he did not sign the joint return before the separate return was filed.
Simmons, who committed but could not sign a letter of intent because of academic issues, has received a qualifying score on the Scholastic Assessment Test.