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Compositional strategies and musical creativity when composing with staff notations versus graphic notations among Korean students.
As of 1 July 2016 the following vessel type notations are now offered by LR for OSVs:
West Africa Rating Agency (WARA) a decerne la premiere notation de Microcred Senegal (MCS).
L'amelioration des perspectives politiques suggerent que l'Egypte et la Tunisie peuvent etre au bout de leur cycle de notation, selon un analyste de l'agence de notation Fitch.
In Olivier Cullin's chapter on notations in Carthusian liturgical books, he shows, by means of excellent illustrations, that there is notational unity amongst Carthusian manuscripts, namely a trend towards 'a heavier and more vertical quadratic writing'.
Byzantine Neumes: A New Introduction to the Middle Byzantine Musical Notation.
In Piano Logic, Carlson teaches students to play before they learn musical notation, just as children learn to speak before they learn to read.
The introduction, with sections on the instrument, the 1425 score, and detailed explanations of the notation and performance practice, is full of data that will be useful to both (the general and the specialist reader; the section on Yao Bingyan is particularly interesting.
ustads typically feel that notations are either harmful or at best useful only as mnemonic devices for learning basic structures, and that real learning must be received orally.
We might put this structure into a simplified notation such as the following: "I {remember [perceiving] (x)}.
In his view, the incisions were not periodic notations or lunar calendars.
Il est a noter que, depuis les evenements de janvier 2011, les evaluations du risque souverain de la Tunisie effectuees par les quatre agences de notations se rejoignent en classant le risque souverain de la Tunisie dans la categorie speculative et aboutissent a des notations presque equivalentes, a savoir MOODY's Ba3 (perspectives negatives), Fitch Rating BB-(perspectives negatives), S&P B (perspectives negatives) et R&I BBB- (perspectives negatives).