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And the teachers say that if they do the homework they will get more marks in the exam, but the children just copy from the note book as mentioned before.
The officer said that he spoke to him for about 15 to 20 minutes and then the defendant signed his pocket note book entry later while in a holding cell.
It is a common practice often observed in Pakistan that a research student just fills in the note book as a formality or with careless attitude.
Third to Note Book in the 1998 final, then runner-up to Hollinwood Poppy last year, on overall form Spenwood Wizard is the best stayer of her generation.
His Scrap Book (1923) and Note Book (1927) were published posthumously.
Out in the provinces there is some cracking action, most notably at Milton Keynes, where St Leger winner Droopys Pacino takes on TV Trophy hero Note Book over the 815-metre course.
The former policeman is understood to have destroyed a note book, thought to hold vital interview transcripts, after refusing to hand it over to officers last year.
Tenders are invited for Note book laptop participation through https ofbeproc.
Fifteen 1oz coins and bars were stolen together with a Kindle note book," a South Wales Police spokesman said.
There were some puzzled looks when no note book or dictaphone materialised, but the puzzlement soon turned to admiration as our hero ad-libbed 600 words of purple prose and sensational quotes.