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Pickwick, laying his hand upon his note-book. The driver reiterated his former statement.
"I have lost the note-book," said Sancho, "that contained the letter to Dulcinea, and an order signed by my master in which he directed his niece to give me three ass-colts out of four or five he had at home;" and he then told them about the loss of Dapple.
Have you got one of your little note-books to spare?"
The King turned pale, and shut his note-book hastily.
The Patriarch turning his head in a lumbering way towards Pancks, that assistant put up the note-book in which he had been absorbed, and took him in tow.
There was an envelope lying on the counter, and a policeman writing in a note-book!
I drew my note-book from my pocket and made a careful topographical sketch of the locality within the range of my vision.
The man, who had clearly been drinking, poured forth some abusive language, but he left off knocking the horses about, and taking the reins, got into his cart; meantime our friend had quietly taken a note-book from his pocket, and looking at the name and address painted on the cart, he wrote something down.
I open my note-book to see if I can find some more information of a valuable nature about Baden-Baden, and the first thing I fall upon is this: