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I confess that this notebook, which did not appear at the inquest, modifies any views which I may have formed.
Holmes had been examining the cover of the notebook with his magnifying lens.
cried Hopkins, as he held up the damning notebook, with the initials of our prisoner on the first leaf and the blood-stain on the cover.
Then, horrified by what he had done, he fled out of the hut, dropping the notebook which he had brought with him in order to question Peter Carey about these different securities.
It is very possible if I had known about this notebook it might have led away my thoughts, as it did yours.
says Groove, another amateur of quieter look, taking out his notebook to enter it, for our friend Rattle sometimes forgets these little things.
I took that notebook, and ran down the stairs on tiptoe.
When selecting the right graphics processor to complement these notebooks we needed a solution that easily powers the most intense digital entertainment experiences," said Jonathan Kaye, manager of product marketing, Personal Systems Group at HP.
The new Mobile AMD Athlon 64 processor 3000+ for thin and light notebooks enables a powerful 32-bit computing experience today with a seamless transition to 64-bit computing.
The lightweight Satellite A55 Series notebooks offer Intel(R) Centrino(TM) mobile technology providing users with increased speed, advanced wireless connectivity and extended battery life to increase productivity or the entertainment experience.