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It's nothing major, there's just a little problem with one of his front legs, not a tendon or anything like that," Curtis said.
It was obviously a bit disappointing alright but it's only a minor tweak, nothing major.
That is nothing major, not a careerthreatening injury.
It will replace the old center which was built in the 1970's and has been falling apart over the past couple of years, said Stillman Valley Village President Becky Waltrip, For the last 15-20 years we've been keeping it together with more or less band-aids and praying everyday that nothing major happens.
It's nothing major but it's at the stage now where it's becoming more frequent.
When I was chatting to Kathryn Thomas, inset, earlier this week she told me there will be a few small changes coming but nothing major.
It's nothing major, it's just slightly more than a grade one thigh strain which is enough probably to keep him out for three or four weeks.
I've had a few quid on him today, but nothing major.
It's being taken care of at the moment, but it's nothing major.
Though short-term traders are affected by the sudden moves up or down, nothing major has changed when one looks at the larger picture, said Amr Al Magrabi, chief technical analyst with Beltone Financial, in an e-mail interview.
Financially, we've had some discussions about a few things, nothing major, and they have addressed them to my satisfaction.
It's nothing major but we need to be sensible," said Watkiss.

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