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Since then Noughts and Kisses has won over more national and local celebrities, with model Erin O'Neill tweeting a photo of herself wearing one of the hats last weekend at the Liverpool v Sunderland match while supporting fiance Fabio Borini.
In their world, Noughts and Crosses simply don't mix.
He suggests making a similar "Robot" for mini-draughts, on a 4 x 4 board, and notes that Donald Machie created a Noughts and Crosses "Robot" that uses 300 matchboxes
The cross on the noughts and crosses game marks the exact centre of the picture.
Obviously Tel would never desert a club to raise his profile and earn more noughts, just as he didn't when he left Crystal Palace for QPR or QPR for Barcelona.
Noughts And Crosses won a raft of Children's Book of the Year awards and its stage adaptation by the Royal Shakespeare Company is receiving rave reviews.
Trouble brews when Callum is one of just three Noughts accepted into the posh Cross school.
Noughts & Crosses is staged by the RSC at Stratford-upon-Avon Civic Hall between Nov 29 and Feb 2.
Bet Direct went 10-1 that the man who is second in line to the throne would get married in 2007 but whereas you could probably have put a nought on the end of that price back in January, you can put three noughts on the end of it now.
I just thought they had put in some extra noughts by mistake.
Punctuated by a trio of glazed apertures that might look like innocuous noughts and crosses, they actually spell out 'OXO', the name of the British meat products company.
Last issue you were left with the promise that variants of the traditional noughts and crosses game would be explored.