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We are targeting the nouveaux riches, or those who operate private enterprises, as potential buyers,'' said Kadowaki, adding that these potential customers number around 600,000.
Fortunately for the nouveaux riches, San Francisco-area psychologists Stephen Goldbart and Joan DiFuria of the Money, Meaning and Choices Institute have come up with a diagnosis and a therapy.
As a result, a new and mass-based social force arose in the West, namely the bourgeoisie or middle class--the nouveaux riches whose heretofore unheard of work ethic became the driving force of (1) the Industrial Revolution, (2) the European Enlightenment's trend toward individualism (in contrast to traditional communality), and (3) the Protestant Reformation, supportive of the trend toward individualism, starting with Martin Luther's emphasis on individual faith and personal interpretation of Scripture.
A Strangeness in My Mind is imbued with ornate insights into the changing urban landscape of Istanbul and economic character of Turkey: the birth of chain restaurants, supermarkets, malls, factories, bottled drinks, mass-produced foods, the emergence of real-estate moguls, a skyline in Istanbul, the enclosures of the shantytowns, the economic consequences of military coups, and the rise of the nouveaux riches.
Ahora, los representantes legales de los antiguos indigenas viajan a bordo de sus modernos aviones a ofrecer, en lugares exoticos y modernizados, los "cuernos de la abundancia" autoctonos para que los nouveaux riches mandarines engorden--hasta lo increible--sus carteras bancarias, "haciendo negocios" con los "jodidos de siempre", ahora se llaman "paises emergentes".
Reste a savoir dans quelle mesure les nouveaux riches de la societe chinoise vont-ils continuer a jouer le jeu de la neutralite positive face aux nouveaux choix qui vont s'imposer et dans quelle mesure les chats vont-ils continuer a rattraper les rats pour paraphraser cette formule empruntee a Den Xiaoping ?
The nouveaux riches do spend lavishly in the capital, but even that money dribbles out of the country.
In our explorations we travel with Conover, accompanying Kenyan truck drivers (claimed to be spreaders of Aids); with enthusiastic Chinese nouveaux riches in their first car-based trips around the country; or with the Nigerian ambulance nurses in the hyper-violent Lagos.
The former tells of sub-citizens living outside the gated enclaves of the nouveaux riches, trying to survive attacks from predators identified only as "furry things.
Wasn't he, after all, the darling of the nouveaux riches who made Wall Street killings in those golden years?
After the bloody lull of the Revolution and subsequent Terror, townhouses became popular once again in the 19th century--by which time the Monceau plain, in west Paris, had become the place to be--and into the beginning of the 20th; over this period they became less the preserve of aristocrats than of financiers and various nouveaux riches.