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Denham muttered something, which was indeed all that was required of him, and the novelist went on where he had left off.
And I would not, even if I had the choice, be the clever novelist who could create a world so much better than this, in which we get up in the morning to do our daily work, that you would be likely to turn a harder, colder eye on the dusty streets and the common green fields--on the real breathing men and women, who can be chilled by your indifference or injured by your prejudice; who can be cheered and helped onward by your fellow- feeling, your forbearance, your outspoken, brave justice.
It is more needful that I should have a fibre of sympathy connecting me with that vulgar citizen who weighs out my sugar in a vilely assorted cravat and waistcoat, than with the handsomest rascal in red scarf and green feathers--more needful that my heart should swell with loving admiration at some trait of gentle goodness in the faulty people who sit at the same hearth with me, or in the clergyman of my own parish, who is perhaps rather too corpulent and in other respects is not an Oberlin or a Tillotson, than at the deeds of heroes whom I shall never know except by hearsay, or at the sublimest abstract of all clerical graces that was ever conceived by an able novelist.
My idea is that there's a certain quality of beauty in the past, which the ordinary historical novelist completely ruins by his absurd conventions.
With a few notable exceptions, current-day Spanish American novelists have not received anywhere near the attention that has been given to their illustrious, canonized predecessors.
Novelists have to consider the extent to which they can inject historical value in their work even though they are infatuated with reality, a popular novelist said.
same e You wonder about the success of a Novellist who can't even spell novelist, but, by all accounts, this German-trained nag is a real head-turner when novelists normally dream of a pageturner.
The author demonstrates that all three novelists use African diaspora religious practices (Vodou, Candomble, and witchcraft) in order to create a space to refashion personal, cultural, and historical identities for women of the African diaspora, empower their female protagonists, and celebrate African diaspora womanhood.
Stuck in Love 97mins 15 IF there's one type of film likely to appeal to film critics - who are generally middleaged, frustrated novelists - it's a film about middle-aged, frustrated novelists.
A page-turning controversy is unfolding over Wikipedia's categorization of American novelists, but maybe it doesn't have to be this way.
Damascus, (SANA) -- The Syrian well-known novelist Colett Khoury headed to the Libyan capital, Tripoli, to participate in General Conference of General Federation of Novelists and Arab Writers scheduled to be held on October1 7-24.
How Contemporary Novelists Rewrite Stories From The Bible