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CORD, measures. A cord of wood must, when the wood is piled close, measure eight feet by four, and the wood must be four feet long. There are various local regulations in our principal cities as to the manner in which wood shall be measured and sold.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Several studies have been done to analyse deliveries with nuchal cord and have yielded varied results.
Results: Incidence of nuchal cord was 16.3 Percent .
"Instead we were told nuchal cord, which occurs when the umbilical cord crosses itself 360 degrees around the neck, is common in seven out of 10 babies and there was nothing to worry about.
Almost 25% of newborns are born with a nuchal cord. A few have two or even three loops.
Entanglement of umbilical cord around the foetal neck (Nuchal cord) is a common finding at delivery.
Over a 1-year period, we asked all patients diagnosed with nuchal cord during a routine ultrasound scan at term and with no other associated pathology if they wanted to deliver by caesarean section (CS), with nuchal cord as the only indication.
Common causes of variable decelerations include vagal reflex triggered by head compression during pushing and cord compression such as that caused by short cord, nuchal cord, body entanglement, prolapsed cord, decreased amniotic fluid, and fetal descent.
Factors significantly associated with lower umbilical artery pH in a linear regression analysis included longer second stage of labor (-0.032 pH units for each 1-hour increase; 95% confidence interval [CI], -.046 to -.018), pudendal block (-0.022; 95% CI, -.040 to -.004), intrauterine pressure catheter use (-0.029; 95% CI, -0.053 to -.006), nuchal cord (-0.027; 95% CI, -.051 to -.004), and midforceps delivery (-0.080; 95% CI, -.159 to .000).
While E jauniaux study reveals 72% single and 94% multiple nuchal cord and in a same study by Dr.
The ObGyn attempted to deliver the fetus with downward guidance of the fetal head but encountered shoulder dystocia and a nuchal cord. He unwrapped the cord and instructed the nursing staff to place the mother in the McRobert's position to help dislodge the right shoulder.
True (A) or false (B)--click on the correct answer: A caesarean section is indicated if a nuchal cord is diagnosed ultrasonically prior to labour.