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It was converted from a former radar station into a nuclear bunker capable of protecting 135 civil servants and military personnel from a sustained nuclear attack.
Moreover, the governmental nuclear bunker stretches the paradigm of immunisation, identified by Roberto Esposito (2008) as the heart of modern biopolitics, to its thanatopolitical vanishing point--the destruction of humanity.
OCCUPIED JERUSALEM: Israel's security cabinet Wednesday met for the first time in a secret nuclear bunker in Jerusalem, officials and press reports said, as part of a massive nationwide defense drill to prepare for a possible missile war with Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza.
But a nuclear bunker buster isn't a surgical strike smart bomb.
And because it's a Volvo, it'll be safer than a nuclear bunker, with a new door-mounted airbag curtain that inflates upwards like a rollbar, plus Volvo's usual side-impact protection system.
RE HOW A COLD WAR NUCLEAR BUNKER IN WREXHAM FOUND A NEW LEASE OF LIFE DAVE THOMAS GLYNDWR: It's looking good would love to get a tour of this SUE ALLEN: Stunnin BOBERT HALL: Been there, done it and got the time shirt (and coffee cup) RE DEGANWY HOUSING ESTATE APPLICATION REFUSED MANDY CARR: Excellent work by our councillors and all who opposed the development.
But, if you look closely, you can see a stark reminder of a terrifying time - a mysterious nuclear bunker on the outskirts of Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough.
5 The site of a former nuclear bunker in a Northumberland market town has been put up for sale.
thwarted by on moisturiser info on where decent new Given the aforementioned news, I'm thinking of revising my plan for a waffle maker and opting for a nuclear bunker instead.
Deep beneath the city centre, 115ft below the surface, lies a sprawling nuclear bunker intended as the command post for regional government and to keep Britain's telecommunications network going following a Cold War atom bomb strike.
Angie McAlister may be trapped twice (in Junior Rennie's nuclear bunker, under the dome) but the young beauty in Britt Robertson finds great future ahead after landing a lead role in George Clooney's Tomorrowland.