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Defeat of the nuclear bunker buster is a credit to the unrelenting efforts of nonproliferation activists and stalwart congressional opponents such as Sen.
The Bunker, which is the only provider of ultra-security, based in top-secret nuclear bunkers outside the M25, now benefits from the experience and financial backing that will help it to further develop its IT services for customers seeking the best in secure data centre provision.
This could be better than being chained in the bed at a nuclear bunker Under the Dome, couldn't it?
Tel 0121 378 2233 VERDICT: THE Falcon Lodge estate is not renowned for its architecture, hence this chippy resembles a nuclear bunker with a fryer.
It used to be a nuclear bunker during the Cold War era.
The former court - which once doubled as a nuclear bunker - will welcome its first students onto an expanded range of courses in the spring.
A HISTORY buff has found a Cold War nuclear bunker buried in his suburban back garden.
A FORMER nuclear bunker beat the credit crunch today when it sold for pounds 240,000.
It centres on the dysfunctional Jones family, who spend the weekend in Grandad's cosy nuclear bunker.
A NUCLEAR bunker is up for sale - and at pounds 50,000 it won't cost you a bomb.
Tourists will get a chill reminder of the Cold War when an underground nuclear bunker opens in the UK as a tourist attraction this spring.
PROPERTY hunters with pounds 250,000 to spare will have the chance to snap up an unusual offer today when a massive Cold War nuclear bunker with 50 rooms goes under the hammer.