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North Korea conducted underground tests to set off nuclear devices in 2006, 2009 and 2013, for which it has been subject to UN Security Council sanctions banning trade and financing activities that aid its weapons programme.
Reports of ISIS having a nuclear device have alarmed the UN Ambassador to Iraq Mohamed Ali Alhakin.
From an Irish point of view, there are quite a lot of Irish people living in that region now and there could be a number of airline catastrophes should North Korea detonate a nuclear device.
The increased tension comes as a result of North Korea testing two nuclear devices in recent weeks.
Intriligator said the detonation of an improvised nuclear device at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports could kill 1 million people and cripple the nation's economy.
government "increase attention to the control of nuclear weapons and materials" to keep a possible nuclear device from sneaking in through a cargo container.
Meanwhile, the North Koreans announced that they considered the sanctions a "declaration of war," and there were indications that they intended to test a second nuclear device.
Schieffer's remark comes amid speculation that a second test will be or has been carried out by the North, following the one in which the North claimed to have tested its first nuclear device on Monday.
On Iran, the jury is still out, but intelligence estimates indicate that it would be at least five years before the Iranians could produce even a single nuclear device.
A WOLVERHAMPTON man made a drunken call to the former BBC HQ claiming he had planted a nuclear device, Birmingham Crown Court heard.
Not only will Iran soon develop a deliverable nuclear device, he promises, but the first hit will be Israel.
Weapons-grade HEU (containing 85% of U-235) is the standard for existing nuclear devices, though weapons-usable HEU (with U-235 content ranging between 20% and 85%) can be used in a crude nuclear device.

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