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The Church has always been clear in its teaching about the vital necessity for eventual total nuclear disarmament," they said in a statement.
undersecretary general in charge of disarmament affairs, presenting him with a collection of signatures calling for nuclear disarmament.
For more information, contact the Movement in India for Nuclear Disarmament, c/o Kamal Mitra Chenoy, 39 Dakshinapuram, JNU Campus, New Delhi, India, 110067.
The PM's Group on Universal Nuclear Disarmament was set up in October 2010 on the guidelines of the "Rajiv Gandhi Action Plan, 1988", presented by former PM (Rajiv Gandhi) to the Third Special Session on Disarmament of the UN General Assembly in June 1988.
Kennedy International Airport prior to his departure for Japan, where he will visit Hiroshima and Nagasaki to send a ''strong message to the international community'' calling for nuclear disarmament.
Alan offered a persistent and steady hand of support to the struggle for nuclear disarmament, giving selflessly of his time, intellect, energy, and financial resources.
The topics are a process toward nuclear disarmament, measures to alleviate tensions and build confidence among northeast Asian countries, U.
atomic bombing of Hiroshima, said Japan has ''a unique and special role'' to play in the area of nuclear disarmament and that he will take part in the peace event to ''join my voice with all those who say: Never, ever again.
France regretted on Wednesday that the statement of the Group of 21 in the Conference on nuclear disarmament held in Geneva "had not mentioned negotiations of a Cut-Off Treaty.
Roche considers the involvement of civil society significant to the resolution of the problems of nuclear weapons: "Exposure of the myths [used to support the retention of nuclear weapons], the growing maturation of nuclear disarmament work by the highly informed leaders of civil society, and the inherent dislike of nuclear weapons by the general public are gradually helping to lift up the prospects for action towards nuclear disarmament.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)'s Draft Resolution on Nuclear Disarmament was approved in the UN General Assembly (UNGA) by 129 yes and 28 no votes and 19 abstentions.
conference reviewing the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty adopted a much-anticipated final document Friday after bridging differences over the contentious nuclear-free Middle East plan in four weeks of talks, a move expected to help spur global nuclear disarmament and tighter controls on nuclear proliferation.

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