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The next time you see an exceptional parent nibbling on an OREO cookie whether it's before the start of an IEP meeting, a clinic appointment, an appeals review, a conference or an interview appreciate that their nucleus accumbens is probably lighting up like a Christmas tree .
With glutamate locked out, the nucleus accumbens will not reinforce the stimuli associated with junk food so much, and the urge to binge eat will fade.
Microdialysis measurements of METH-induced dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens of rats
Using viral mediated gene transfer to overexpress sidekick-1 in the nucleus accumbens, investigators saw that this overexpression alone not only increased the rewarding effects of cocaine, but it also induced changes in the morphology and synaptic connections of neurons in this brain reward region.
Effects of Baclofen Injection (GABA-B receptor agonist) into Nucleus Accumbens Shell on Conditioned Place Preference Expression in Morphine-tolerant Rats:
2010) observed an opposite effect, and reported attenuated brain activity during reward anticipation in the nucleus accumbens in one-week abstinent users compared to non-smoking controls, and decreased reward anticipation activity in the caudate nucleus compared to both smoking and nonsmoking controls.
The PL has substantial projections to reward-relevant pathways, including the nucleus accumbens and basolateral amygdala, as well as the posterior BNST, which is linked to HPA axis inhibition.
In research by Volkow and colleagues (2009, 2011), cocaine use in non-addicted persons resulted in a significant increase in dopamine release in the vicinity of the nucleus accumbens.
This study, which is published in the journal NeuroImage, adds to mounting evidence that overeating and increased weight are linked, in part, to a region of the brain associated with motivation and reward, called the nucleus accumbens.
VTA neurons have connections to other areas in the brain such as the nucleus accumbens and the prefrontal cortex, hippocampus, and amygdala.
The researchers administered the drugs to live rats while observing changes to a region of the brain called the nucleus accumbens.
The primary chemical, THC, stimulates the ventral tegmental area of the brain to send dopamine to the nucleus accumbens and the owner of the brain feels pleasurable sensations.