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NUDE. Naked. Figuratively, this word is applied to various subjects. 2. A nude contract, nudum pactum, q.v.) is one without a consideration; nu de matter, is a bare allegation of a thing done, without any evidence of it.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Around 15 nude photos of the 34-year-old "Piranha 3D" actress were leaked earlier, all of which showed her in provocative poses while lying in bed.
Although Bacon certainly was drawn more frequently to the male nude than to the female variety, he nevertheless created several important paintings of nude women, most notably the 1970 triptych Studies of the Human Body, which featured three sculptural and voluptuously mutilated figures posed on a kind of ramp-armature against a flat, continuous, mauvish pink background, the central, frontal figure incongruously haloed by a large bottle-green umbrella.
4Chan and Reddit quickly removed the nude photos from their sites because of their new policy on leaked photos.
But for me, one thing stood out: I realized that I could wear nude lipstick.
THE picture of a reclining nude above our bed caught the attention of our two-anda-half-year old grandson Dillon.
Nudes in ancient Greece became idealised versions of the body, including proportions that were often based on mathematical ratios, for figures that encapsulated health, youth and perfection.
And with the launch of her new Nude Lip Collection, I realised just about every girl seems to be on a lifelong hunt for the perfect nude shade - a lipstick they can apply every day in a flash to wear just about anywhere.
In August, an online Marine Corps group that shared illicit nude photos of female Marines was discovered and prompted ( the Navy to make it illegal to share nude photos of service members with consent.
However, as it happens with social phenomena appropriated (not created) by pop culture, (6) making selfies and nudes can be an opportunity to empower people beyond the mere reproduction of sexy pictures of women already in mainstream and digital media.
But does the latter conclusion necessarily imply that nude painting is inherently immoral?
Mr Davies is set to exhibit his collection of "nudes in nature" as part of Anglesey Open Studios Weeks.