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In no instance in the Library of Congress manuscripts is Grell's numbering struck through; however, Grell's numbering scheme appears to replace an earlier scheme found in the upper right-hand corner of the title pages of five of the trio sonatas.
It is my judgment that unless the scheduled changes to the present numbering scheme go ahead, Coventry will simply start to run out of new telephone numbers by 2000.
The product itself is identical in all other aspects (features, performance and specifications) and the product numbering scheme remains the same.
For BGA-based products, the RoHS compliant version is not backward compatible, so a different unique part numbering scheme is used that includes a "Z" in the package suffix.
In developing MasterFormat 2004 Edition (MF04), CSI expanded it from 16 to 49 divisions, moved and renamed some topics, and changed the section numbering scheme from five-digit numbers to paired six- or eight-digit numbers.
In addition, the familiar 5-digit numbering scheme has been replaced by paired digits in a 6- or 8-digit format.
Commercial TV and radio: management and licensing * Numbering scheme and Emergency-112 (911) Initiative * Replacement of power systems and back-up generators * Iraqi - ATC Communications/Operations * Technical and management training for ITPC * Emergency repairs to ITPC network Work will begin under the contract immediately.
Doug Ancil, Technical Support Analyst, at Epygi, quickly assembled a team of engineers working with StarVox and PHNS "to configure a unique solution that mimicked the routing and numbering scheme used by the previous telephone network.
EPC, a new numbering scheme for identifying products in the supply chain, is gaining widespread acceptance as an emerging standard.
Five key Intermec RFID inventions provide the backbone of the EPCglobal Inc Generation 2 air interface protocol and the EPC data numbering scheme.
NANP is the basic numbering scheme for the public switched telecommunications network in nineteen countries.