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For the materialized views on an original document, we build auxiliary files and construct indexes using numbering schemes to avoid unnecessary sub-tree traversal, thereby improving the navigation efficiency of a query.
In no instance in the Library of Congress manuscripts is Grell's numbering struck through; however, Grell's numbering scheme appears to replace an earlier scheme found in the upper right-hand corner of the title pages of five of the trio sonatas.
The move to IPv6 will be a painful transition, as routers and switches and devices need to be upgraded--or replaced, if their memory or processing power can't pass muster--to accommodate the new, more complex numbering scheme.
A BIM object's numbering scheme or categorization is only one part of the puzzle.
Vendor independent" and "enterprise" because it needs to be able to accommodate any numbering scheme and data format and interact using industry standards with any information source in the connected environment: HIS, ER, EMR, scheduling, billing, PMS, etc.
One Dietz's numbering scheme uses tree traversal orders [9].
Stainless steel guns and those that use S&W's new three letter, four number (ABC 1234) serial numbering scheme are not afflicted with the malady.
These wide-frame Cub Cadets had a new numbering scheme, rubber isolation of the engine from the frame and an enclosed engine compartment.
1 4 5 6 7 9 3 8 11 13 17 24 14 18 19 21 32 48 26 29 31 33 34 38 49 50 54 56 59 60 summed 39 41 46 51 53 55 (= 2019) 68 69 71 73 75 76 equals 57 61 62 64 65 66 77 78 80 81 82 89 70 74 79 85 86 87 90 91 94 99 106 108 92 96 102 105 107 109 Third Way: This time, delete the atomic number in each square, leaving the standard abbreviation for each element: H Be B C N F Li O Na Al Cl Cr Si Ar K Sc Ge Cd Fe Cu Ga As Se Sr In Sn Xe Ba Pr Nd Y Nb Pd Sb I Cs Er Tm Lu Ta Re Os La Pm Sm Gd Tb Dy Ir Pt Hg Tl Pb Ac Yb W Au At Rn Fr Th Pa Pu Es Sg Hs U Cm No Db Bh Mt Replace each abbreviation with its alphabetic score, using the familiar A=1, B=2, C=3 numbering scheme (ignoring case, as usual, so that, for instance, Lithium (Li) is scored L+I = 12+9 = 21).
Unicode is a universal computer numbering scheme for the more than 92,000 characters and symbols used in the world's languages.
The identity of the physician is protected with a confidential numbering scheme.
Unfortunately, he also introduced a new numbering scheme using C1 to C109.