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While the substrate protects the recording layer from contamination and oxidation, the thickness of the substrate also limits the numerical aperture (na) that can be used in the objective lens.
9) Media Type Write-once Wavelength(Recording) 635-645 nm Wavelength(Reading) 635-650 nm Recording Power 6-12 mw Numerical Aperture (Recording) 0.
The remaining three new lenses are LightPath exclusive large numerical aperture (NA), large beam diameter aspheric lenses.
This next generation immersion system features the same advanced catadioptric lens design as the XT:1700i, but with better resolution capability due to the higher numerical aperture of 1.
Users can now select from three pinhole radius sizes, or four separate slit sizes to match the magnification and numerical aperture of the objective lens used in the experiment.
A unique optical system delivers high resolution images with magnifications of 20X, 40X and 80X with a numerical aperture of NA 0.
15 numerical aperture (NA) and meets all the requirements of Telcordia GR-468.
The production resolution capability of an optical lithography system is determined by the wavelength, Numerical Aperture (NA), and process factor, k1.
3 numerical aperture (NA) can be image-corrected for use at the 45-nm half-pitch.

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