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State of California Business, Transportation and Housing Agency Secretary Maria Contreras-Sweet, representing Governor Gray Davis, and City of Fremont Mayor Gus Morrison, will join NUMMI President and CEO Kanji Ishii to drive a Vibe and a Corolla off the end of the assembly line to mark this important milestone.
This vehicle is the product of a strengthened relationship between Toyota and GM and demonstrates our parent companies' commitment to NUMMI.
Adding to the complexity and the significance of these vehicles, NUMMI will also build a right-hand drive version of the Pontiac Vibe later this year, which will be exported to Japan and marketed by Toyota under the name "Voltz.
This is truly coming 'full circle' for NUMMI, a plant that was Toyota's first experiment with vehicle production in North America 18 years ago," said Ishii.
In order to launch and build these vehicles, NUMMI is creating some 500 additional jobs, all of them in manufacturing, bringing employment at the plant to an all-time high of 5,100.
Capital investment to launch the new models at NUMMI was $200 million.
The all-new 2003 Toyota Corolla is the ninth generation of Toyota's worldwide best-seller and is the fifth generation of Corolla built at NUMMI.
The Toyota Corolla will be built at NUMMI and at Toyota's plant in Cambridge, Ontario, in Canada.
NUMMI builds the Toyota Corolla, the Pontiac Vibe, and the Toyota Tacoma pickup truck.
Cross over freeway and turn at first right onto the NUMMI frontage road to the Main Gate.