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NUNCIO. The name given to the Pope's ambassador. Nuncios are ordinary or extraordinary; the former are sent upon usual missions, the latter upon special occasions.

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In the normal course of events, before a diocese is about to fall vacant--and this is not a surprise date since bishops must retire when they turn 75, which is right after the year they turn 74--the papal nuncio or someone from his staff should actually travel to the diocese and talk to the laypeople directly.
Monsignor Smith added: "I will be working closely with the Nuncio and helping to run the office.
In this context, Wolf reports that anti-Semitism "played only a minor role" in Pacelli's regular reports as papal nuncio in Munich and Berlin.
The recall of the Nuncio, being a measure verily adopted by the Holy See, denotes the seriousness of the situation and the Holy See's desire to face it objectively and determinately," he said.
BEIRUT: Pope Benedict XVI has appointed Magistrate Gabriele Caccia as nuncio to Lebanon.
The articles collected in the second section on papal diplomacy are divided into those dealing with nuncios and legates, and those concerned with the papacy and France during the reign of Henri IV, although in fact these are largely concerned with some of the nuncios and legates discussed in the first group of articles.
John Paul II has appointed Archbishop Luigi Bonazzi the new apostolic nuncio in Cuba, three months after his first appointee to the post was slain in Burundi.
Archbishop of Fermo and, from 1645 until 1649, papal nuncio to Ireland, Rinuccini emerges as a surprisingly colourful figure.
The victim, Colm O'Gorman, had also sued the papal nuncio in Dublin, who claimed diplomatic immunity in the case.
The proof is a letter written by Pacelli, when he was still the papal nuncio in Germany, to Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Cardinal Gasparri in 1919.
Inventor Ted Nuncio has created an all natural bio-pesticide that also makes an excellent mosquito repellent, without residues.
The papal nuncio, Archbishop Donato Squicciarini, praised Cardinal Casaroli as a friend of Austria.