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NUNCIO. The name given to the Pope's ambassador. Nuncios are ordinary or extraordinary; the former are sent upon usual missions, the latter upon special occasions.

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The Apostolic Nuncio said he had travelled to the North East and was pleased with the efforts of the Nigerian Army in tackling the insurgents, and recovering some of the earlier lost grounds.
Before he delivered his homily, the nuncio greeted the bishops gathered with these words: "Maayong buntag sa tanan (good morning everyone).
When Butler tried to tell a public meeting about the conversions in 1952, the Papal Nuncio Archbishop Gerald O'Hara walked out sparking a backlash against Butler for "insulting Rome".
The pending recommendation from the Council of Cardinals could mark a significant shift for the church and for the role of Vatican ambassadors, known as apostolic nuncios.
The Archbishop was only the second Irishman to be made a Papal Nuncio in a country where he did not already hold a hierarchical position.
Es interesante que Francisco haya elegido un nuncio con un perfil curtido para venir a Mexico, un pais con muchos desafios y tan importante para la catolicidad.
After a reading from the Gospel, in the homily , the Nuncio referred to the feast of Our Lady of the Pillar, and the commemoration of 12th October, and sent his congratulations to the people of Equatorial Guinea.
The papal nuncio said that the Pope will be happy to visit Pakistan.
Homs Governor Talal Barazi said that Father Frans was a messenger of love and peace, pointing out that departure of Father Frans is a big loss "because he was a man of peace and love" For his part, Apostolic Nuncio pointed out that Father Frans came to Syria 50 years ago giving love and good, adding "he taught us how to love the homeland, the land and everybody.
Right now, the only folks who get those letters tend to be wealthy donors; the poor people of a diocese never get apostolic letters from the papal nuncio.
Juan Pablo II no quiso relevarlo: lo premio con seis anos mas como nuncio.
Banach, a native of Worcester, has been named the apostolic nuncio to Papua, New Guinea, the Vatican announced this week.