Nurse contract

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Country: United States of America
State: Pennsylvania
Filipino nurse on immigrant visa with contract to a hospital under agency as a traveling nurse, what liabilities do i have with my agency if I leave earlier than before my contract. what are my rights? can i leave the contract anytime?


Your contract normally would have early-leave provisions--they are only enforceable if reasonable and fair and courts often restrict such clauses..
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Against that background, she sees the maintenance of a primary health care (PHC) agreement, throughout the tumultuous years of the ECA and beyond--first as the national practice nurse contract, now as the PHC multi-employer collective agreement--as a great achievement.
In 1986 I moved to Newcastle, back into the NHS, where I managed Occupational Health Services at Freeman Hospital, the University of Northumbria student nurse contract and some private contracts.
Superintendent evaluation; budget modifications; discussion of Measure 28 impacts; nurse contract.