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PLAN. The delineation or design of a city, a house or houses, a garden, a vessel, &c. traced on paper or other substance, representing the position, and the relative proportions of the different parts.
     2. When houses are built by one person agreeably to a plan, and one of them is Sold to a person, with windows and doors in it, the owner of the others cannot shut up those windows, nor has his grantee any greater right. 1 Price, R. 27; 2 Ry. & Mo. 24; 1 Lev. 122; 2 Saund. 114, n. 4 1 M. & M. 396; 9 Bing 305; 1 Leigh's N. P. 559. See 12 Mass: 159; Hamm. N. P. 202; 2 Hill. Ab. c. 12, n. 6 to 12; Com. Dig. Action on the case for a nuisance, A. See Ancients Lights; Windows.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The orange box contained laminated copies of resources and guidelines for best practice delirium care (including definitions, prevention, assessment, diagnosis and treatment), the nursing care plans addressing assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation a n d evalua tion (p romp ti n g staff to consider appropriate interventions), lesson plans, and electronic copies of the education program session materials.
Nursing Care Plan (N=145) Most Frequently Listed Nursing Problem Key Words(a) Problem Frequency % Maternal-child attachment 37 25.5 Sleep pattern 27 18.6 Infant feeding 25 17.2 Infant development 23 15.9 Elimination 14 9.7 Hygiene 11 7.6 Most Frequent Documented Nursing Diagnoses Key Words(b) Problem Frequency % Alterations in parenting 134 92.4 Delayed growth and development 17 11.7 Nutrition deficit 15 10.3 Respiratory status 8 5.5 Neurological status 8 5.5 Nursing Interventions: Rank Order Intervention Rank Order Frequency % Assess and teach nutrition 1 130 (27) Perform physical assessment 2 106 (22) Education(c) 3 100 (20) Monitor growth and development 4 93 (19) Assess parenting skills 5 61 (12) (a) Key words were used as there were different methods of documenting problems.
Clinical written assignments include process recordings of student-client interactions, biopsychosocial and medicine assessments, nursing care plans, and reflective journaling.
Changes to the nursing care plans addressed such things as dally routines, medication taking, mobilising, rest, hygiene, food preferences, religious practices, entertainment, and socialising with friends and family, as welt as visits home for family gatherings.
We do what we do using combined knowledge about nursing fundamentals, basic human anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, psychology and the scientific method through the nursing process (assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation) when it comes to developing nursing care plans. More often than not, we also take on the role of educators when the need arises, to give health-based information to our patients as well as their families.
Linda: We were forever writing nursing care plans. I recall the main premise of our course was based on Judith Christensen's [the school's founder] thesis for her PhD, The nursed passage.
During the most recent visit, they inspected nursing care plans and notes to ensure these were meeting the care needs of prisoners being supported by the mental health staff.
Problem solving--(Analyzed, Created, Detected, Diagnosed, Formulated, Investigated, Recommended, Remedied, Solved, Synthesized, Theorized) Example: Formulated nursing care plans to meet the objectives of the nursing course.
Pearez Galdeano, "Strategies to develop the nursing process and nursing care plans in the health system in Bolivia," International Nursing Review, vol.
6 prostatectomy nursing care plans. Retrieved from

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