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MODEL. A machine made on a small scale to show the manner in which it is to be worked or employed.
     2. The Act of Congress of July 4, 1836, section 6, requires an inventor who is desirous to take out a patent for his invention, to furnish a model of his invention, in all cases which admit of representation by model, of a convenient size to exhibit advantageously its several parts.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Aimed at nurses in the UK and Ireland, this volume contains 12 chapters that outline a model for learning disability nursing, the Moulster and Griffiths Learning Disability Nursing Model, which is person-centered, evidence-based, reflective, and outcomes-focused.
Like many nursing models the components include the nurses affect upon the patient domain, the systems domain, and the domain of nursing practice.
Most recently, Rankin developed a virtual nursing model to address the continued strain of the nursing shortage while maintaining high job satisfaction scores among Mercy nurses.
A focus in urology permits the NP to continue to be populationfocused within the care of GU patients and maintain consistency with the APRN model, while still adding the value and discipline of the nursing model. This implies the need for the ongoing partnership and innovation between advanced nursing education and advanced nursing practice to assure that NP curricula keep pace with the changing healthcare population as it ages.
Public health nursing model. Available at http://
The Trust was named winner in the 'Support for Caregivers' category for its 'Development of a Nursing Model of Care for Patient and Family Centred Care' before being announced as the overall PENNA winner for 2013.
Senior nursing leadership at the hospital mandated implementation of a nursing model that differed significantly from our RNPPM.
Pentec operates through its Renal and Specialty Infusion divisions, employing a differentiated nursing model and around-the-clock support services.
Also, the GCC nursing care model will adopt theories and models from the West, including Dr Jean Watson's Human Caring Theory: Ten Caritas Processes and the Crescent Nursing Model of Care by Dr Sandy Lovering and will make them applicable to the region.
Using a nursing model approach, this article will explore my preparation for Nurse Practitioner (NP) registration and my career vision.

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