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According to media reports, Punjab Government had announced allowance amounting to Rs 4000 per month from January 2017 in the wake of immense protest demonstrations by nursing staff all over the province .
The nursing association vice president Fareeda Baji, Finance and office secretary Fazl Wahid and Fazal Hadi in presence of dozens protesting nursing staff told media persons the government was misused police force against peaceful nursing staff in Peshawar.
Poor staffing places undue burdens on nursing staff and can put patients in harm's way.
The council's membership is made up of 60% frontline nursing staff from each nursing division and 40% leadership.
There is a growing body of evidence which shows that nurse staffing levels make a difference to patient outcomes and patient experience, quality of care, recruitment and retention of nursing staff and the economic effi-ciency of care delivery.
She said evidence from California and parts of Australia where a mandatory system was in place showed the upfront costs of nursing staff led to savings in the longer run.
Nursing staff of Polyclinic also arranged a ceremony, which was attended by Polyclinic Executive Director (ED) Shaukat Kiani, Head Nurse Mewa Khan and Nursing Superintendent Nasreen Moeen.
The nursing staff were a credit to Kent Lodge and their profession.
Identifying and maintaining the appropriate number and mix of nursing staff is a problem experienced by nurses at every level in all settings.
The kit acknowledges that safe staffing goes beyond numbers and includes such variables as workloads, work environments, patient acuity, skill levels and mix of nursing staff.
This finding remained constant if the staffing variable was measured in terms of Registered Nurse care, Licensed Practical Nurse care, Certified Nursing Assistant care, or total nursing staff hours per resident per day.

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