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Working in congruence with a developing Rural Nursing theory presently defined by constructs of rural nursing practice (Long & Weinert, 1989), the SM illustrates the impact that nursing care can have on the continuum of health to illness.
In this dynamic healthcare environment, it is important to "recall nursing roots and not only rely on [evidence-based practice] EBP to care for patients but celebrate nursing theory for what it is and all it represents" (Kamick, 2016, p.
Participants also provided information about gender, age, ethnicity, independent study behaviors (self-reported number of hours outside scheduled class time spent studying and completing work for a nursing theory course), and grade point average (self-reported cumulative GPA).
The Human Becoming Theory, considered a midrange nursing theory developed by Rosemarie Rizzo Parse, emphasizes the patient perception of the experience and their wisdom to make choices in their own health care.
Therefore, we modified Dudley-Brown's nursing theory evaluation criteria to meet the needs of this study.
For nursing care to be valuable in today's value-based environment, nursing theory must be fully realized.
The philosophical support provided by the Critical theory, and incorporated to a Nursing theory, generates a disciplinary responsibility on how to integrate it to the professional formation, at the philosophical base of nursing curricula.
Nursing Theory is an important book for faculty and students at all levels of nursing.
Nursing theory development plays a significant role for clinical practice as it retains a close linkage to research, and therefore, integration to practice is much more positive in the sense that the linkage to research provides solid grounds for further evidence based theoretical development and the specifics will help facilitate and strengthen the linkages between theories, research and practice (Im and Chang 2012).
The PhD program emphasizes nursing theory and meta-theory, which refine and expand nursing knowledge, while the DNP's will utilize this knowledge in their practice.
New nursing graduates enter the profession with a clear academic perspective of nursing theory and principles, but it is the responsibility of the health care community to provide a stable and clear path to competent nursing practice.

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