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For 0 mM K and Alkalinity+0 mM K treatments, the omission of K2SO4 and KCl from the nutrient medium was continued.
However, in the conditions in which this study was conducted, the submission to etiolation, through the absence of light on mother plants of 'Xavante' blackberry, profoundly affected the survival of expiants when these were established in a nutrient medium composed of salts reduction (50%) in comparison to a nutrient medium with whole or 75% of salts concentration.
For control, another portion of the biomaterial from the mortar was sown according to the standard technique on a dense nutrient medium of Lowenstein-Jensen.
1996), different plant species have different potentials for absorbing and metabolizing the endogenous hormones and compounds of the nutrient medium, thus presenting different responses to in vitro cultivation.
In the next step of screening, [gamma]1 and [delta]1 could not grow on synthetic dropout nutrient medium (SD/-Leu/Trp/Aba/X-[alpha]-Gal [DAX]), suggesting that a single GAL4AD-Rheb/FKBP38 does not activate downstream reporter genes; thus, GAL4AD-Rheb and GAL4ADFKBP38 could be used for further screening of yeast twohybrid assay as prey protein.
Results shown in table (3) demonstrates the existence of significant differences in the average of alkaloids concentration in leaves by variations in added concentration of Auxins and Cytokinins to nutrient medium (Test F significance value [less than or equal to] 0.
Productivity of microalgae depends on environment conditions: temperature, illumination, nutrient medium, pH, supply of carbon dioxide, oxygen.
Inoculum medium (100 ml) was the Kirk's basal nutrient medium (Tien and Kirk, 1998) receiving 2 g glucose supplement.
Next, first half of the samples was poured over with the nonfully valuable nutrient medium inoculated with bacteria--[10.
Poured 1ml suspension of each bacterium in already sterilized Petri-dishes separately and then liquefied nutrient medium in the same Petri-dishes to give the depth of 8mm.
Any nutrient medium and energy source that supports the growth of Campylobacter may be used.
The 55-Plus monitor base features a gridded microfiltration-type membrane bonded to an absorbent pad, which prevents the membrane from bowing when nutrient medium is introduced.