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1% sodium hypochlorite (Whittier, 1964), suspended in sterile water and sown on 12 ml of nutrient medium in culture tubes (20 x 125 mm) with screw caps that were tightened after inoculation.
In the next step of screening, [gamma]1 and [delta]1 could not grow on synthetic dropout nutrient medium (SD/-Leu/Trp/Aba/X-[alpha]-Gal [DAX]), suggesting that a single GAL4AD-Rheb/FKBP38 does not activate downstream reporter genes; thus, GAL4AD-Rheb and GAL4ADFKBP38 could be used for further screening of yeast twohybrid assay as prey protein.
Number of researchers confirmed that Auxins added to the nutrient medium prepared for the cultivation of plant cells is making those cells lose their ability to assemble alkaloids (Rhodes et al.
Dose responses were analysed for seedlings grown hydroponically in liquid nutrient medium.
The organisms were screened in a low nutrient medium to imitate the surface of fruits.
Because Petipa's heritage has been treated creatively by the Maryinsky Theatre, the great master has remained a friend and mentor of new generations, while his ballets have represented a nutrient medium and organic environment for Russian art.
To create an automated cell-growing system, Lydersen and colleagues encapsulated a ceramic matrix in an open-ended glass cartridge connected at both ends to an apparatus that circulates gas-permeated, nutrient medium through the matrix.
coli host-cell line that complements the araB and pelB technologies is also available as part of the system, along with an easy-to-use fermentation process and nutrient medium formula to support the cells.
The present study showed Bacillus licheniformis was able to secrete diverse enzymes simultaneously even though they were grown on minimal nutrient medium containing cheap agricultural residues.
falcatum germinated after six weeks in the dark on a nutrient medium containing inorganic nutrients and glucose.
His procedure involves placing the test compound, along with about 29 microliters [millionths of a liter] of a nutrient medium and A.