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A shortage or insufficiency. The amount by which federal Income Tax due exceeds the amount reported by the taxpayer on his or her return; also, the amount owed by a taxpayer who has not filed a return. The outstanding balance of a debt secured by a mortgage after the mortgaged property has been sold to satisfy the obligation at a price less than the debt.


noun absence, dearth, defect, deficit, destitution, failing, failure to comply, falling short, fault, faultiness, flaw, foible, impairment, imperfection, inadequateness, incompleteness, incompletion, insufficiency, lack, loss, meagerness, need, nonfulfillment, nonperformance, omission, paucity, penury, poverty, privation, scarcity, short supply, shortage, shortcoming, sparsity, ullage, want, weakness
Associated concepts: deficiency assessment, deficiency bill, deficiency decree, deficiency judgment, deficiency tax, innome tax deficiency, liability for deficiency, mental deficiency, notice of deficiency, recovery of deficiency, tax deficiency
See also: absence, dearth, defect, deficit, delinquency, disadvantage, failure, fault, flaw, foible, frailty, handicap, insufficiency, mediocrity, need, omission, paucity, poverty, vice
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His most recent book, The TDOS Syndrome(TM), details the impact of toxicity, nutritional deficiency, overweight and stress on everyone's health -- including infants.
Supplements are of proven benefit for treating nutritional deficiency diseases Supplements are of proven benefit for treating nutritional deficiency diseases Rob Hobson and Dr Sarah Brewer Rob Hobson and Dr Sarah Brewer | DOES EVERYBODY "NEED" TO TAKE SUPPLEMENTS?
Prevalence of nutritional deficiency in older populations
Federal minister for rural development, Jairam Ramesh and state chief minister Oommen Chandy toured the district Thursday, in an effort to appreciate and solve the multiple problems afflicting the villagers, including nutritional deficiency.
For example, the beef has been chosen for its iron content, as iron deficiency in children is the most common nutritional deficiency.
Editor's Note: "Although the main reason to take multivitamins is to prevent nutritional deficiency, these data provide support for the potential use of multivitamin supplements in the prevention of cancer in middle-aged and older men," the authors conclude.
Various researches have proved that hyperhomocysteinaemia ( high levels of blood plasma homocysteine concentrations) are found in the West generally because of genetic reasons but the current study found that this is likely due to the nutritional deficiency in Indian population.

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