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To meet deficiencies in the available materials, faculty members like Roger Gold, associate professor of biology at SUU, have found innovative ways to create OER materials and offer unique educational opportunities to students.
Since then, the initiative has grown to become a signature achievement at SLCC, which currently supports one of the largest single-college OER initiatives in the country, with significant OER adoption in math, English, history, political science, biology, sociology, business, education, and the physical sciences.
The following licenses are OER compliant licenses: CC BY, CC BY SA, CC BY NC, and CC BY NC SA.
PDO, the leading oil and gas exploration and production company and Omantel, the pioneer of total communications in the Sultanate are the strategic partners of OER Business Summit 2017.
In a valuable article Don Olcott (2012) explains that, "In the future, research will need to examine the concept of open educational practices (OEP) and OER issues relevant to faculty incentives and career advancement in the university.
They are making available OER libraries that include personalization through playlists offered directly to students.
Particularly important is the licensing of OER learning resources, which are based on Creative Commons.
The initiative will focus on four subjects in which extensive OER have been created: Business administration, general education, natural science and social science.
Advocates for free course materials say, as OER becomes a more common feature on the higher education landscape, it will benefit all students, but especially low-income students.
Cassels Brock and Blackwell LLP and Stikeman Elliott LLP are acting as legal counsel to OER and the independent committee, respectively.
The City's Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) was established by OER to ensure that contaminated properties can be remediated in a manner that protects public health.