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HiT said its ODBC and OLE DB products now offer full compatibility with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008, enabling developers and programmers to capitalise on Microsoft's features for data scalability and application development, making them available to IBM DB2 v.
XML for Analysis is a fully compatible advancement to the OLE DB for OLAP and OLE DB for Data Mining protocols.
Adding OLE DB for OLAP support to the QueryObject means users can take advantage of the QueryObject high performance analytical data source for rapid internet and network data analysis using the latest open MDX compliant business intelligence tools.
We selected MERANT's OLE DB technology because our customers require a solution that is focused on quickly accessing and integrating various data sources across multiple environments," said John Favazza, director of development for Sybase PowerBuilder.
The SimbaProvider for OLE DB product suite ensures direct, high performance and highly tailored data access solutions for valuable data sources.
OLE DB defines how to partition the functionality of a traditional relational database into logical pieces.
Nasdaq: MSFT) today announced a new initiative to extend OLE DB data access interfaces, providing software vendors and application developers with an open interface to more efficiently integrate data mining tools and applications.
SimbaEngine SDK takes the power of Simba's proven SQL engine and exposes it through an SDK that allows users to build ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, and ADO.
Seagate Software Shows Compliance with Major OLAP Data Sources Through OLE DB
E[acute accent]--Building queries into diverse database sources (ODBC, OLE DB, JDBC, DB2 , MS Excel, MS Word, relational and non-relational databases, etc) and transform them into XML for easy access and manipulation
Broad Access Made Possible Through Development of New OLE DB Driver
Dramatically faster upload of data to databases using OLE DB (50%-100% faster upload to SQL Server than previous versions);