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To apply for next year's program, you need only go to the OLI Web site.
We just need a vehicle to realize our potential, and OLI is that vehicle.
The OLI approach will continue to be part of CMU's ongoing work in the area of technology-enhanced teaching and learning.
Immediately assume the ongoing operating expenses and staff for OAPL, significantly reducing the monthly expenditures at OLI Public; and,
Commence an independent company valuation of OLI Public and OAPL;
The obligation for OLI Public to raise USD$150,000 is a requirement for Branksome to release its USD$150,000 to OLI Public.
OAPL now has the corporate and financial structure in place to continue the marketing and sales effort required without compromising the financial state of OLI Public.
In addition to the free split alerts service with more than 35,000 subscribers, OLI offers a free weekly newsletter which has over 75,000 subscribers.
Marshall Rafal, President of OLI Systems, said: "OLI System's has worked in partnership with Hyprotech since 1994, when our technology was first integrated into Hyprotech's HYSIM software.
OLI has built a large thermodynamic databank that covers most of the periodic table of elements.
Both Hyprotech and OLI Systems' software is used by major companies in the oil & gas production, gas processing and refining industries for the design of chemical processes worldwide, including Dow, Bechtel, DuPont, Mitsubishi Chemicals, Monsanto and UOP.
OLI has relationships established with several key players in the European market including British Telecom, France Telecom, Airbus, Aerospatiale, Dassault, Alcatel, Thompson and Pirelli.