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ONERA conducts cross-disciplinary research on new extended air defense systems, which takes into account the physics underlying sensors, actuators, vehicles, and the operating environment.
IT will be used to drill pressure and temperature downstream of a model in the S1MA wind tunnel of the ONERA center of Modane-Avrieux (CMA).
Organization and assistance to ONERA as well as performance of flight tests in order to demonstrate and validate critical items of the Altair air-launch-to-orbit system.
Airbus, ONERA and DLR also commit to deploying a strong common development and integration team with the capability to deliver tested and industry ready code containing the latest state of the art features relevant to aeronautics.
We are extremely proud to enter into this partnership with ONERA and DLR.
We welcome this opportunity of teaming-up with Airbus and ONERA to develop a common next generation code.